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Updated: Oct 16, 2023


Understanding Tech, Components, and Complete Skates

designed for training, testing, and competing in circle figures and loop figures


Use this ProGuide to get a play-by-play of all components—boots, frames, wheels, bearings, cushions—used for this discipline and get options like Combos and Complete Skate Packages with other references and helpful resources along the way.

When compared to other disciplines, the tech we use for Obbligatorio, or figures and loops, is distinct. When determining boots, coach standards—generally speaking—require athletes to use products with higher rigidity for added support—even for beginner athletes—so Year One athletes immediately notice and respond with a resounding: They're so stiff!

Indeed, they are—and, it's intentional.

Frames, or "plates," are made solely for the use of figures and loops—so, no toe stops. Giotto Obbligatorio wheels are larger (63 MM) than dance wheels (Ice, 61 MM) and you notice an even greater difference when using freestyle wheels, which range from 55-57 MM.







& Manufacturers


Tech by Risport®

Boots & Accessories

Generally speaking, you'll want to start with stiffer boots as soon as possible. In my professional opinion, Risport is the most versatile boot we can utilize for this journey without needing a custom boot. When exploring your boot options, we suggest starting with the following considerations.

1. Stiffness: 25 - 65

Have you ever noticed that we use a name and number when referring to boots? This number indicated rigidity on a scale of 25 to 65, with the lower numbers indicating softer boots and boots with higher numbers indicating more rigidity, support, and advanced technology.

2. Colors & Sizes

Electra (45) is the softer of the two options and comes in bianco (white) or nero (black). In bianco, Electra is available in sizes ranging from 180 to 290. In nero, Electra is available in sizes ranging from 210 to 305. RF3 Pro (60) is the more supportive of the two options and also comes in bianco and nero. In bianco, RF3 Pro is available in sizes ranging from 200 to 280. In nero, RF3 Pro is available in sizes ranging from 230 to 305.

3. Tackle Your Tracings

To determine your boot size, you'll need to do your tracings and use this ProGuide to calculate your boot size.



Tech by Roll-Line®

Frames, Wheels, Bearings, Cushions, Tools

After you've chosen your boot and tackled your tracings to determine your boot size, you can explore your components to complete your skate.


Roll-Line's research and development team has crafted three collezioni (collections) of frame technology: Saturno, Giotto, and Spin. Each frame delivers unique characteristics to respond to the needs of our sport's various audiences.

Saturno is designed for intermediate athletes on figures and loops with its kingpin inclined at 20º. The beloved Giotto, ever in demand for over 20 years, is now advised for use more on figure circles only with an inclination of 16º. Today, Spin inclined at 18º is Roll-Line's most advanced frame for use on both figures and loops.

Image credit and info (Roll-Line®) on Frames: Saturno, Giotto, Spin; Wheels: Giotto Obbligatorio; Bearings: Speed Max (7mm)


Frames: Sizing

Your frame's size is determined by your boot's size. Use the following compatibility chart to locate your Risport boot's size and its compatible frame sizes.


Bearings & Wheels

For Roll-Line's artistic frames, Speed Max (7 MM) is the only bearing we advise for use—and Saturno, Giotto, and Spin are no exception. For wheels, you only need Giotto Obbligatorio, which comes in 5 variations based on the skater's surface or floor type.



When you purchase a new Saturno, Giotto, or Spin frame, you receive two sets of cushions: natural rubber and elastomer. Saturno arrives assembled with natural rubber cushions (standard) and is accompanied by a complete set of elastomers for your use, while the inverse is true of Giotto and Spin, which arrive with elastomers assembled and natural rubbers included in the box. Please note the following prior to purchasing one of the aforementioned frames from our ProShop:

Standard Cushions

For compatibility, your boot size determines your frame's size, which determines which natural rubber and elastomers come standard with your purchase. You can purchase natural rubber and elastomer cushions for Saturno, Giotto, and Spin separately as needed. The cushion color you choose should be determined by the athlete's body weight in kilograms.

Standard Cushions & Comparison Charts



Complete Skate Packages & Combos

turnkey solutions for all


Bearing-in-Wheel Combinations (Combos) and Complete Skate Packages (CSPs) are turnkey Solutions designed by our ProShop that allow you to take the guesswork out of placing your order and without requiring extra tools. Before you purchase a Solution, you should know that neither the complete Solution nor any component thereof is eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds.


With Combos, you're purchasing wheels and bearings together. You'll get your bearings inserted into your wheels for you and shipped to you without having to borrow or purchase a bearing press ($90). For figures and loops, you should choose Combo Obbligatorio.


Complete Skate Packages (CSPs)

With CSPs, you get a turnkey solution without needing extra tools or wondering if you've forgotten anything. CSPs are used by hobbyists and athletes alike because they combine the best practices of the industry and experienced professionals. Plus, no bearing press is required. You can browse all Complete Skate Packages here but since this ProGuide covers Obbligatorio (figures and loops), check out these three CSPs that athletes—and athletes only—may want to consider:

Soleil uses Risport Electra (45) and Roll-Line Saturno for both figures and loops; Padua uses Risport RF3 Pro (60) and Roll-Line Giotto for figures; Specchio uses Risport RF3 Pro and Roll-Line Spin for both figures and loops. All three CSPs use your choice of one of five Giotto Obbligatorio wheels and Speed Max (7 MM) bearings.


Other Examples

Other examples of complete skates purchased by ProShop customers

Create a comment below to submit your photos


Looking for some photos from real customers? Check these out (and the comments below).

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Oct 05, 2023

I could not even wait for get the wrapper off before I took a photo of my new complete skate package 😍🛼

I am currently adjusting to these beauties after using my freestyle skates for 10 months, so this is probably 1 of 2 #Reviews you will get from me in the next month about them (and many more photos).

I have the Electra Bianca boot, Spin frame with the Azzurro elastomer cushions, and 53D Giotto Obbligatorio wheels with Speed Max bearings. The padding in the boot is so comfortable, which helps as I adjust to the stiffness boot (compared to my freestyle boot). I have not tried loops yet, so I am looking forward to playing around with the…

Brian Clary
Brian Clary
Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much, Annie!

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