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Updated: Oct 6, 2023


Boots & Frames: Selecting and Sizing Your Tech

Boots, Frames, Size Charts & Instructions


Whether you're browsing our ProShop for a solution like a Complete Skate Package (CSP) or you prefer to select your own component(s)—meaning, you create your own skate and we assemble and ship—you can and should use this ProGuide to tackle the selection and sizing of boots and frames. However, for bearings and wheels, see this ProGuide.

After you review this ProGuide on boots and frames, if you still have questions, share them with us by creating a post on our Filo (ProShop category).

Roller Louisiane ProGuide_Boots

Complete Skate Packages (CSPs)

With CSPs, you technically only need to tackle the Tracings: How-To (Instructions) detailed below. We'll handle the rest for you. If your skates are being shipped outside the continental U.S., you can request a quote by contacting us on chat with your delivery address, prior to placing your order.

Create Your Own

When selecting your own components—boot, frame, wheels, bearings—you have to start with the boots. This means you will have to start with tackling the tracings with Step 0: Tracings, a How-To (Instructions) before doing anything else.

The Rest of Your Cart

Once you've added the boot to your cart, you can then browse frames and use the frame charts below to select your frame size and add your frame to your cart. Lastly, you'll need to add the Mounting and Shipping option for delivery. If you wish to mount everything on your own, you'll note this when placing your order and still have to add the Mounting and Shipping option to your cart. If your skates are being shipped outside the continental U.S., you can request a quote by contacting us on chat with your delivery address, prior to placing your order.


Step 0: Tracings, a How-To

Your tracings are required and used to confirm your measurements. Your measurements, along with your life stage, are used to calculate your boot's size. Then, your boot's size determines your frame's size. Your frame's size determines your standard components. Once you know your frame's standard components, you can decide if you need to purchase anything to further personalize your order before we ship your skates/components to you. We also provide tutorials created by Roll-Line to help you before, after, and throughout the life of your tech.

Use the following expandable sections to view more and tackle each step.

Step 1: Tackle the Tracings

Step 2: Measure the Tracings

Step 3: Calculate the Boot Size

Step 4: Select a Boot & Check Out

Step 5: Upload Your Tracings



Boot-to-Frame Charts

Since your boot size determines your frame's size, you'll need your boot's size to choose the right frame size before you check out.

Please note:

If you're purchasing a Complete Skate Package, you only have to choose your boot size and wheel preference. You can use this for the goal of learning but ultimately skip it because our team will tackle this step for you.



As always, knowledge is key and we do this to share knowledge and perfect each resource. So, collaborating is key! For anything related to the content of this ProGuide, we invite you to use the comments section below.

Product Questions

Should you have Product questions—meaning, an inquiry about a particular boot or questions not related to this particular ProGuide—you can and should check out our Filo's ProShop channel ("category") and create a post to share your question. Don't be shy! Your question could help someone else and even protect you and your investment from costly mistakes, ordering the wrong size, product, etc.

See more tutorials on Roll-Line's YouTube Channel

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