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Speed Max by Roll-Line® is its top class of bearings. Speed Max bearings are made of specially treated steel of the latest generation patented by Roll-Line and use eight (8) internal spheres for maximum smoothness and return on output. These bearings are designed with one side open to allow thorough cleaning. 



When it comes to bearings, our ProShop currently sells two products (the top-2 options on the market): 7 MM (this) or 8 MM. Speed Max (7 MM) bearings may certainly be used by non-athletes and athletes alike, who will notice an immediate difference, though they're most commonly used for high-output, competitive, and elite-level roller sports. You should only purchase these bearings if your frame's axles are 7 millimeters (MM) in width. Double check and learn more before you buy with Roller Louisiane's ProShop ProGuide on bearings & wheels available at:


Manufacturer Info

These bearings are #MadeInItaly by Roll-Line® (images) and Speed Max 7 MM bearings are the only bearing for Agile (Hockey), Mirage, Variant, Mistral, Matrix, Evo, Dance, Saturno, Giotto, and Spin (Artistico).


Speed Max (7 MM)

SKU: speedmax7mm
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