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Understanding Danza: Tech, Components, and Complete Skates

Approaches, Characteristics, Components & Tech


Use this ProGuide to get a play-by-play of all components—boots, frames, wheels, bearings, cushions—used for solo, couples, quartet, show, precision, jam, and rhythm. You can also jump to options like Combos and Complete Skate Packages with other references and helpful resources along the way.



& Manufacturers

Unlike Obbligatorio, dance-specific tech can be attractive to—and used by—hobbyists and jam/rhythm athletes, and therefore widely worn by coaches and non-athletes, rolling around during public sessions, online, and used indoors. To keep things concise, we'll use Danza to encompass all the aforementioned audiences. When compared to other disciplines, our ProShop tech used for Danza, or Dance, is also quite distinct and backed by decades of ongoing research and development (R&D).


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Boots & Accessories

Risport boots and accessories are some of the most versatile boots we can choose for training, testing, and competing in Danza without needing a custom boot—yet, additional customization is possible. For experienced hobbyists and athletes in Danza who are exploring boot options, we suggest starting with the following:







After you've chosen your boot and tackled your tracings to determine your boot size, you have to choose a frame and select any components needed for your next steps. Explore frames, standard components, and alternative components to complete your skate; then, reference this boot-to-frame chart to locate the frame's size.

Or, tackle your tracings and skip the skip frame charts by selecting Hans or Andrea from our Complete Skate Packages (CSPs).


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Images: Roll-Line®


Dance by Roll-Line®

Overview & Sizing Resources

Roll-Line's R&D team devised a single solution—Dance—comprised of the most advanced frame technology for this discipline. Dance's base is made of Ergal using Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Dance is designed with Roll-Line's left/right differentiation (reduced wheelbase) for generating more speed with each push. Its 13 MM kingpins are inclined at 18º for greater accuracy on edges, excellent maneuverability, and stability in the execution of dance movements such as clusters and traveling sequences.

Dance's aluminum trucks and 7 MM steel axles are supported by elastomer cushions and its actions are adjusted with just a few clicks using Roll-Line's beloved Click-Action adjustment feature, providing an added layer of personalization, heightened precision, and maintaining their orientation even during more complex movements and skating. Dance comes standard with Roll-Line's best-selling Ambra toe stops and arrives with this frame's standard tool kit is included.

Learn more using the expandable sections below.









Combos & CSPs

turnkey solutions for all

Bearing-in-Wheel Combinations (Combos) and Complete Skate Packages (CSPs) are turnkey Solutions designed by Roller Louisiane's ProShop that allow you to take fewer steps when placing your order, save a little bit, and don't require extra tools. Before you purchase a Solution, you should know that neither the complete Solution nor any component thereof is eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds.


With Combos, you're purchasing wheels and bearings together. You'll get your bearings inserted into your wheels for you and shipped to you without having to borrow or purchase a bearing press ($90). For figures and loops, you should choose Combo Danza.

Complete Skate Packages (CSPs)

With CSPs, you get a turnkey solution without needing extra tools or wondering if you've forgotten anything. CSPs are used by hobbyists and athletes alike because they combine the best practices of the industry and experienced professionals. Plus, no bearing press is required. You can browse all Complete Skate Packages here but since this ProGuide covers Danza, check out these CSPs using Danza-specific tech: Hans & Andrea.



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