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  • Ice is Roll-Line's newest and most advanced dance wheel designed to meet the new professional demands of the world of dance, solo dance, and show groups. Ice is a class of wheels designed for training, testing, and competing in Danza but can be used by hobbyists on indoor surfaces. Ice by Roll-Line is available in five (5) hardnesses, or colors, which you should always choose by the surface on which they will be used. Please see the images in our media gallery above for more information.



    When these wheels are used with Roll-Line's artistic frames, Speed Max (7 MM) bearings are your best bet—but they are not included with this purchase. Should you not have a bearing press, you may want to consider our Combo Danza, so Speed Max's 7 MM bearings are inserted for you and ready for use.



    For more information about this wheel and all wheels, including all Combos, please see our ProGuide on Bearings and Wheels.



    SKU: DWI
    ICE Variants (61 MM)
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