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Boot Tech by Risport

Risport Boots are #MadeInItaly for skaters of all ages and skills—from hobbyists to elite athletes—for life on roller and ice. To find your boot size, grab a partner to tackle your tracings. Then, measure your tracings and add 5 if your feet are no longer growing. Add 10 if they are.


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Roll-Line by T.M. Technologies

Like Risport, Roll-Line products par excellence are #MadeInItaly for all skating at all ages and skill levels, wherever you are in the world. Roll-Line specializes only in roller skating technology, and as of January 2024, Roll-Line's portfolio includes tech designed specifically for artistic, inline artistic, derby, and hockey.

Roll-Line's short history (23 years) is remarkable. Unlike any brand, ever, Roll-Line has come to dominate the roller industry in quality and accessibility. Roll-Line's contributions to artistic skating (alone) have made them pioneers in roller tech, pushing the envelope in innovation and preparing generations of skaters for all their hearts can imagine. It has also captured the hearts of more champions than our 30+ years of experience has seen.

Browse our ProShop for frames, wheels, and Solutions we designed.

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