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  • Athletics Requirements

    ProGuide Club & MA Requirements Requirements are grouped into two categories: General Requirements and Onboarding Requirements. Please review both groups and each requirement therein carefully. General Our general requirements define our approach for each MA and collectively as a club. Onboarding These requirements detail the steps needed to obtain current status with our National Federation and by virtue, our club. Each MA must complete each requirement each below to participate in athletics. Deadline Please note that unless otherwise indicated below, the standard deadline for each Onboarding Requirement below is "prior to arriving to the facility to participate in athletics." If you or your Cadet (C3 student) is about to graduate or has graduated, you should tackle each from home—prior to arriving to the facility—using a home computer to avoid delays in taking the floor. About Disciplines Our roller sport ("sport") at the national level (USARS) is known as Figure or Roller Figure Skating. At the world level, our international governing body (World Skate), our sport is shortened to our historic name: Artistic. If you see the terms Figure (singular) or Artistic, each is synonymous and each refers to our sport as a whole. Nowadays, you'll likely see just Artistic, so as not to be confused with Figures—a colloquial, verbally used term to refer to one of our sport's disciplines (Circle Figures). (Y)our sport offers the most disciplines of any roller sport: Figures, Loops, Solo Dance, Creative, Couples Dance, Free Dance, Quartet, Free Skating, Pairs, Precision, Small Show Groups, and Large Show Groups. Roller skating is a global hobby, activity, and even a rite of passage—like learning to ride a bike. Roller Sports is no different. You can use the following table to learn more about disciplines at the national level (USARS) and international/world level (World Skate). *Olympic Sport

  • Obbligatorio: Complete Skate Package (CSP)

    A review of my (Competing Member Athlete) Obbligatorio Complete Skate Package. My Complete Skate Package includes the Risport Electra Bianca boot mounted to a Spin frame with the Azzurro elastomer cushions (Partial Skate Pairing/PSP) and 63MM 53D Giotto Obbligatorio wheels with 7MM Speed Max bearings (Combo Obbligatorio). The soft, comfortable lining in the boot helps as I adjust to the stiffness of the boot, which is a 45 compared to my freestyle boot,* which is a 35. Giotto figure wheels are a dream: I've tried them on my freestyle boot before and it makes all the difference in figure skating to have the right hardness and wheel size (compared to wearing freestyle wheels while skating figure circles). I typically skate in a rink with a wood floor, so I use the 53D hardness wheels for medium surfaces (not slippery and not rough). All of the parts are sturdy and high quality, I look forward to this next part of my development as an athlete! Continue reading to learn more about Obbligatorio discipline and equipment/solutions: ProGuide for Understanding Obbligatorio Tech, Components, and Complete Skates Proguide on Bearings and Wheels Roller Louisiane Guide to Figures What are Figure Circles? *Note: I purchased my Obbligatorio skates after using my Libero/freestyle skates for 10 months. I waited due to finances, but I recommend buying the correct skates for your selected discipline as soon as you can. There are skills that translate between Libero and Obbligatorio, such as 3-turns or and skating backwards, but the execution of those moves is different for each discipline and is effected by your equipment. While practicing figures in my freestyle boot has made me a better freestyle skater, I now have to put in extra practice time to adjust to the new boot to stay on the line and execute one-footed turns.

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