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Variant M by Roll-Line® is the most economical, entry-level frame (US-EN: plate) suitable for hobbyists of all ages, up to beginner athletes (youth ages 8 and under). In our opinion and experience, this frame is an option for beginners, hobbyists, and non-athletes. It is most commonly used by the youngest skaters among us. 


Variant M is the only frame in our ProShop that does not have Roll-Line's beloved click-action adjustment feature. Since this product is frame-only, mounting is required. Since most customers who use this frame do not have experience mounting frames to boots, most customers who purchase and use this frame experience it through Mario—a Complete Skate Package we've created for this frame's audiences.



The size of your frame is always in millimeters (MM) and is determined by your boot's size, which can usually be found on the bottom of your boot. You can use Roll-Line's tech sheets for more information.



This frame is made of aluminum using computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Each frame comes standard with aluminum trucks, steel axles (7 mm), natural rubber cushions, and Grigio (gray) toe stops. The frame's standard tool kit is also included. Please note, the following cushion colors come standard and are determined by the frame's size you choose at the time of purchase:


Sizes: 90 - 100 - 110: BIANCO (white): <25 kg (<55 lbs)

Sizes: 120 - 130: VERDE (green): 26-35 kg (56-77 lbs)

Sizes: 140 - 150: AMBRA (amber): 36-50 kg (78-110 lbs)

Sizes: 160 - 170 - 180 - 190: GIALLO (yellow): 50+ kg (110 lbs)



If the needs of the skater differ, all Roll-Line toe stops in our ProShop are compatible with any Roll-Line frame and can be purchased separately at any time. This frame's cushions can also be purchased separately. When replacing the cushions in this frame, please reference Roll-Line's cushion tutorial on YouTube

Variant M

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