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MERCURIO is one of Risport's most advanced boots (65) and is available in nero (black) or bianco (white). MERCURIO is ideal for elite-level artistic athletes training figures, loops, and freestyle and refining double- and triple-rotation jumps.


Before choosing an option, use the media gallery on this listing for complete information and for your tracings. For skaters whose feet are still growing, add 10 mm to your B1 and A1 measurements—the higher number prevails (B1 vs A1). For skaters whose feet have finished growing, add 5 mm.



Risport Skates is part of Groupe Rossignol (FR) and is headquartered at Rossignol Lange—located in Montebelluna, Treviso, in northeast Italy—home to the finest shoemakers and craftsmen since 1808. Decades of Venetian tradition have influenced the unique sense of design, color, and craftsmanship of modern Montebelluna. The city is now considered the world’s center for sports shoes, with ice and roller skates as two specialties of this vibrant shoe district. With distinctive features associated with the use of modern technology, Risport has always stood above its competitors. The company has been an industry leader in offering innovative design and using materials and technology which meet the demands of amateur and professional skaters alike. In 1995, Risport became part of the Lange Boot company, a leader in ski boot manufacturing. Risport is a key division of the Rossignol Group and will continue offering cutting-edge technology and steadily evolving solutions to a fast-growing skating community.


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