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Season Three: Universal Resource

Updated: Jun 28

June 2023 through August 2024

Use this resource for all things related to Season Three ("S3"), our club, Roller Louisiane, and USA Roller Sports ("USARS"). Check back anytime for updates. Whether you're new, in class, or you're an MA with our club (Member Athletes), please contact us via the comments below with any questions you may have regarding this resource.


Season Three (Saison Trois) is all about learning from our very first year as an official club and adjusting our approach to tackle the goals of the club, students, parents, and coaches. Season Three ("S3") started Monday, June 5, 2023, at Fun Nation in Lafayette. Continue reading to get an overview of all the cool things coming (y)our way.


If you've read this resource in its entirety, use the following links to jump to pertinent sections by topic:


Classes (New Students)

Classes (Current Students)





ProShop & Equipment

AT LAST | If you are/have a current student, you're probably wondering what equipment is best for you. The truth is, it depends on the student's profile (age, habits) while taking into account your immediate and future skating goals. When skaters wear proper equipment, they progress much quicker—even when they are just skating sessions (no classes, no coach). So, roll, support, and other factors need to come standard. Unfortunately, 99% of us buy skates that simply won't keep up. Our ProShop will fix that.


The goal of our ProShop is simple: Fix the problem people have finding appropriate equipment for their profile and goals. I'm sorry to say that too few websites do this, which sets low expectations for consumers who are underwhelmed with their results (not to mention wasting their investment).

So, let's cover our bases with some examples, all of which you can find on our very own ProShop.

Example 1 - Youth Hobbyists

This is someone 8 years of age and younger not enrolled in classes or planning on working with a coach. The youth hobbyist will want to be able to roll with less effort. Since Hobbyists don't usually spin or jump, the following complete skate packages will meet their expectations while their friends are struggling. Click the images to expand each image or use the following links to open each in a new tab: Nina, Mario, Furbo, Coco. You can also browse all Hobbyist-related products.

Example 2 - Teens & Adult Hobbyists, Entry-Level Athletes

Here's where we need non-athletes and athletes alike to recognize the overlap/crossover in getting their own proper equipment. This is someone 8 years of age and older not enrolled in classes or planning on working with a coach. This hobbyist will have the equipment necessary to change their mind and pursue roller sports by taking classes, joining a club, and working with a coach. They want to be able to roll, play, and even edge with less effort. If you skate public sessions regularly, you need a metal plate with click-action capabilities and boots to support your weight and demand. The following complete skate packages will meet their expectations while their friends are struggling. Click the images to expand each image or use the following links to open each in a new tab: Coco, Beppe, Michelangelo, and Hans. You can also browse all related products.

Example 3 - Athletes

Roller Sports athletes choose from a variety of disciplines but everyone does figures and loops as part of their basic training. For first-year athletes who need to increment their spending over time (not all at once), you'll find that using a freestyle set-up (plate) with a Giotto wheel and bearing combo (sold separately) and mini plugs will provide sufficient, temporary, comparable support for bronze-level figure tests and first-year school figures. Whether or not you choose dance over freestyle (jumps and spins), you'll eventually need one pair of skates for figures & loops and another for your own goals. Here's the run down by discipline. All adults should be on stiffer boots each time they buy new skates. For those seeking team and pairs skating, see "Elite" below:

Example 3.1 - Figures & Loops Athletes

Coach's notes: Specchio (1) is preferred over Sole (2) but both are figures-and-loops capable. For older adults doing figures only, go with Specchio or Padua (3). All three complete skate packages are professional equipment using tech made solely for figures and loops—from the boot (stiff) and plates (no toe stops) to the wheels, Giotto (4), which are the largest and hardest at 63 MM.

Example 3.2 - Dance & Show Athletes

Coach's notes: Hans (1) is ideal for all ages, entry- and intermediate, because of its plate (aka frame) and Turchese boot (strong but flexible at a 35 in stiffness). For Elite-level, Andrea (2) is superior--though the boot is much stiffer. These both come with ICE wheels (3) at 61 MM, making both Hans and Andrea the most advanced dance skates to date.

Example 3.3 - Freestyle Athletes

Coach's notes: For freestyle, you need support and tech for development. If you shoot too low, you'll likely need a more advanced setup within a year because of the results you're seeing in your skating.

Youth 3.3.1

Younger skaters and adults on a budget can start at Coco (1) or Beppe (2) but Michelangelo is preferred.

Adults & Elite 3.3.2

Adults should start here. If you're skating pairs, you have to start here. The boots are stiffer, the plates are the most advanced to date. Explore Rimbaud < Hermione < Leonardo < Merlin.




NEW STUDENTS | Our Bilingual Skating Classes program ("Classes") is currently suspended for Summer 2023. This means we are not accepting new students for Summer 2023. When we resume in Lafayette on August 12, 2023, you can now pay for classes online prior to or upon arrival at the rink.


CURRENT STUDENTS | If you are/have a current student, Saturday classes will continue for the month of June 2023 only (not Tuesdays). The Saturday schedule (10:15-11 AM) remains the same and cash is required until August. We look forward to seeing you in June and if you have not graduated yet, we look forward to resuming classes with you in August 2023. See our calendar page for exact dates, and continue reading for a Summer-into-Fall SnapShot (below).


• Tony (LAF)

• Jia (LAF)

• Jenny (LAF)

• Regina "Gigi" (LAF)

• Rosie (LAF)

• Aubrey (LAF)

• Addie (LAF)

• Geneviève (LAF)

• Allison (BR) - Derby Athlete

• Kaitlyn (BR) - Derby Athlete



Roller Louisiane is an official roller sports club registered with USA Roller Sports ("USARS") and the US Olympic Committee ("USOC"). Our club program is available by invitation only to our class graduates and transferring athletes who use our local facilities (2) for private practice, private lessons, testing, and preparation for competition.

Club Roster

At the end of Season One ("S1"), our class graduates became official member-athletes of USA Roller Sports, purchased equipment, and began practicing and training. In February 2023, we traveled to Memphis with eight (8) athletes, five (5) of whom competed in the Heart of Memphis (Annual Invitational) and Dallas to compete, and took their first tests. We also grew as a club by expanding from Lafayette to Bâton-Rouge, welcoming several new members (class graduates) who are joining us for Season Three ("S3"). If your name is not included below and you will be joining us as a club member—training only or training and competing—please leave a comment below and get started on your club requirements.


• Jewel Montgomery (NO)

• Annie Mahoney (BR)

• Patrick Doyle (BR)

• Desirae Sellers (LAF)

• Charlotte Ochanine (LAF)

• Michael Theall (LAF)


• Kimora Webb (NO)

• Hope Gray (S2, S3) - Bâton-Rouge, LA (Derby, too!)

• Jensen Wiley (S1, S2, S3) - Lafayette, LA

• Rita Ochanine (S2, S3) - Lafayette, LA



The following subsections summarize the requirements for class graduates continuing with Roller Louisiane. Prior to graduation, we will discuss your options with you and provide guidance on which of the three paths work best for you and/or your family (minors in mind). Knowing your goals helps us plan for the year, on a local level, as well as know who is available for in the US for partners (pairs, team, quartet, show, etc). All Paths (3) require the Standard Requirements listed below.

Path 1: CMAs

CMAs are Member Athletes (MAs) who compete: Competitive Member-Athletes. CMAs practice and take private lessons with our coach(es). CMAs may opt to take group lessons and opt to make themselves available for partner events. CMAs also train and test, which is a standard requirement for any path and USA Roller Sports.

Path 2: TMA

TMAs are Member Athletes (MAs) who train and test only: Training Member-Athletes. TMAs practice and take private lessons with our coach(es). CMAs may opt to take group lessons but cannot make themselves available for partner events.

Path 3: JMA

JMAs are Member Athletes (MAs) who are Junior Member-Athletes (ages 4-15) and who want to approach their training for roller sports in a slower, less serious manner, much like other sports/activities approach tee-ball, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance: CMAs practice and take group lessons with our coach(es) in preparation for group events (shows) and testing centers. CMAs cannot make themselves available for partner events.

Standard Requirements

The following list is a preliminary list of requirements for all MAs (CMAs, TMAs, and JMAs) who wish to continue with Roller Louisiane after graduation from our class program.

Important Notes

Families and Member athletes (MAs) of Roller Louisiane, please note: Adult athletes, coaches, judges, and officials of any US National Governing Body ("NGB") must complete SafeSport training as part of the registration process with said NGB—in our case: USA Roller Sports ("USARS"). This requirement is enacted by US Congress and enforced by Roller Louisiane as an official club with USARS and the US Olympic Committee ("USOC"). Learn more about SafeSport via USARS's dedicated page and its page's links. Upon completion, please upload your certification (PDF) to our File Library's dedicated folder: Club Documents > SafeSport. You can access additional information about SafeSport and its Codes on our website in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.


Athletes must primarily register in a specific discipline (artistic) and under our club (Roller Louisiane - LA011A). However, as an added membership benefit, USARS allows athletes to compete across all disciplines with one membership.

• Yearly ($90): Athlete Registration (

• See also: tips for renewing and upgrading


Membership ($93) is paid monthly per athlete to Roller Louisiane to cover our approximately 40 hours of use of the Lafayette facility (Fun Nation). A weekly floor fee of ($8 cash) is required of any athlete attending private practice in Baton Rouge (Skate Galaxy). Your membership also includes warm-up (first 15 mins of any practice) and testing preparation (Saturdays 10:00 - 10:15). Note: Membership is not due in the month of July 2023 due to Brian's travel and vacation. See our Club Calendar below for more information. Our Lafayette facility reserves the right to cancel our scheduled private practices as needed due to private party reservations. If you know of another facility where we can practice without the risk of cancellation, please leave a comment below or contact Brian.

Private Lessons

Paid online starting in August (cash in June); Space subject to availability. The rate is $20 for 20 minutes.


Equipment must be approved by the coach to adequately address and meet the needs of the athlete's goals. Please explore our ProShop's collections for Complete Skate Packages to kickstart your journey as an athlete through Roller Sports.


Requirement coming soon (Fall 2023). Everyone should budget for at least 1 practice outfit ($150). Turnaround time is approximately 60 days, 90 for custom competitive attire. We are currently working out a process on a ProShop that will allow you to purchase the practice outfit and club outfit. JMAs and TMAs may opt only for practice, since they need it for practice and testing. CMAs will need both the practice outfit and the club outfit for competitive events' official practices, and opening ceremonies, and may use the club outfit until they're ready for custom attire. This is a common approach for any competitor not seeking regionals and nationals in a given season.


Club Calendar

Effective immediately, private practice will be held according to the calendar and by location. Use the following link for the complete schedule through September 2024: /calendar.

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