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Once you've purchased any garment(s) from our ProShop, use this How-To ProGuide for help with determining and providing your measurements. Before you get started, please review both steps described below.



Measure & Notate

We'll start with lengths first, then circumferences. Some measurements may not be needed for your garment, but they may prove helpful for Nekoe. Please provide all 14 measurements shown and described in the gallery below (M1-M!4).



Create a post on Filo

Make It Easy on Yourself!

Once you’ve noted each measurement, check out the ProTips below. Then, share the athlete's measurements by creating a post on Filo using the ProShop category.



Your post will be vetted and shared with Nekoe, who may respond to your post with a comment if she has any questions. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to use our Filo's ProShop category to create a post or include your questions when you provide your measurements.


You can always jot the measurements (M1-M14) down on your own spare sheet of paper or simply type them out as text when creating your post on Filo. Alternatively, you can print this one-sheeter and notate each measurement (in centimeters!) as you go along. Either way, you can snap a photo of your notes and upload the image when creating your post. Just in case you prefer a print-friendly version over this ProGuide, we've got you covered with this PDF in our File Libary—and, yes, it also includes the one-sheeter (see page 3 of 17).


My fellow Americans (and anyone using the imperial system): Please make all notes on measurements using the metric system only, using centimeters (CM). The abbreviation CM is already provided for you on the aforementioned one-sheeter.


About Nekoe

Nekoe Buckner is a world-class seamstress and coach of her own club #TeamKates based in Gastonia, North Carolina. I grew up with Nekoe as a dear friend of my coaches and her work has preceded her for all three decades I've been around because it speaks for itself. Nekoe creates couture (made-to-measure) handmade pieces for athletes at every level of their journey and at each step along the way: From training and testing to club uniforms and one-of-a-kind competition pieces for all disciplines—in both roller and ice alike.

It is my honor and privilege to work with her and make her work accessible to my skaters and anyone who purchases garments from our ProShop. We look forward to working with you and your students/athletes.


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