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  • Mariane is one of three official uniforms for Roller Louisiane's Membre-Athlètes (MAs). It is a handmade garment designed for testing (records and in person) as well as life as a club member.



    Club uniforms or outfits are typically worn on Saturdays, including graduations (classes), and when competing: opening ceremonies, official practices, and local competitions. It is also worn at regionals and nationals during official practices, public practices, and wherever required by the coaches. For these reasons, each MA may eventually choose to purchase several club uniforms to be sure they always look sharp.


    This garment is couture—meaning, made-to-your-meaurements—using 4-way stretch flat velvet (black) with no transparent fabrics used. It is designed with a v-neck for extra breathability and a soft collar measuring 5 cm (2'' or two inches US).


    SKU: mariane
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