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  • Evo is an elite freestyle plate with a cross-brace frame for excellent structural rigidity. Evo is created by the fusion of the best characteristics of the DB12 and the Matrix plates. The greater inclination of the front axle allows the skater to enter spins more easily and with less pressure and the lower inclination of the back axle improves stability and centering during spins. Redesigned cushions in elastomer with a double-stage compression provide a more versatile and better base when jumping.

    Evo uses Roll-Line's beloved click-action adjustment feature. Evo is an Ergal aluminum freestyle plate with three (3) titanium axles and one (1) steel axle under the left heel. It comes assembled with Ambra SP toe stops and elastomer cushions in one of five colors based on the athlete's body weight. One (1) spare set of cushions is included along with one (1) Professional Wrenches Kit.


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