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Bearings are a fundamental component of the skater/athlete’s experience and are often the first component you can update to notice an immediate difference. When choosing bearings for our own ProShop, we paired our trust in Roll-Line with our decision-making along with 30+ years of experience of having used (and broken) all sorts of bearings along the way.


In the end, we narrowed our choices down to just two bearings: Speed Max for frames with 7 MM axles and ABEC 9 (this) for frames with 8 MM axles. When it comes to bearings and wheels, you have lots of options, even if you don't buy from us. Check out our ProGuide on Bearings and Wheels to learn more.


ABEC 9 (8 MM)

This bearing is, in our opinion, the best bearing ever made for 8 MM axles. It provides optimum roll for frames with 8 MM axles, requires less overall attention and maintenance, and ABEC 9 has the longest use of any bearing we’ve used. ABEC 9 provides high-performance output and is used by the youngest to the most experienced among us—from hobbyists to elite athletes. Session skaters simply don’t know what they’re missing.



What makes ABEC 9 special is its minimum level of radial movement, which evenly distributes the load on all 7 spheres, producing an unparalleled level of smoothness and roll—less effort, longer roll. Its longevity and low need for maintenance are due to its reinforced steel casing, making it an 8-sphere cage, immersed in carbon to provide additional self-lubrication. ABEC 9’s single-sided hermetic removable rubber protection helps make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, extending the life of the bearing and its 7 spheres’ output.



Roll-Line’s Roller Derby frame (Blaster) and its inline frame (Linea) for Inline Artistic/Figure skating use 8 MM axles, making ABEC 9 (8 MM) the optimal choice—and the only choice we sell in our ProShop—for skaters/athletes using any of the following frames:


  • Derby: Blaster
  • Inline Artistic: Linea


Manufacturer’s Info:



Due to the nature of this product, it is not eligible for returns (refunds) or exchanges. Learn more about our E-Commerce terms via this ProGuide:


ABEC 9 (8 MM)

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