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  • Xandre is a Partial Skate Pairing (PSP) using Roll-Line's Matrix frame mounted on Risport's Ambra Elite (60) boot, making Xandre an advanced pairing for the most experienced of hobbyists and jam athletes. Xandre is made for advanced- and elite-level athletes training, testing, and competing in Libero (singles & pairs).



    • Boot: Risport® Ambra Elite (60)
    • Frame: Roll-Line® Matrix

    • Includes: Tool Kit; Mounting & Shipping



    To determine boot size, you'll need to reference our ProGuide on Sizing.



    PSPs are boots and frames only. While PSPs do come mounted, you likely need new bearings and wheels, so your equipment ages together. Check out our Combos to explore bearings-in-wheels Solutions for this PSP or explore our Complete Skate Packages (CSPs) which include everything. To learn more about this type of equipment, check out our ProGuide on Libero.



    Shipping for this PSP is included when shipping to an address within the continental United States. For other destinations, including international shipping, please contact us on chat to share the shipping address privately and get a quote. For all other questions, share them with our team by creating a post on our ProShop's Filo.



    Due to the nature of this product (Solution), neither the PSP nor any of its components are eligible for exchanges, refunds, or returns. Learn more at:





    SKU : psp-xandre
    AMBRA ELITE Variants
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