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  • Thibault is a handmade garment designed for everyday training or competition.


    This garment is couture—meaning, made-to-your-meaurements—using 4-way stretch Lycra (black) with no transparent fabrics used. Its bodysuit is designed with short sleeves and a v-neck for extra breathability and a soft collar measuring 5 cm (2'' or two inches US). The pants are made of a 4-way stretch black velvet (flat) for durability in elegance.


    Notes for All (Club Members, too)

    This garment is a blank canvas. You can purchase your stones, accoutrements, patches, and the like separately to practice personalizing, stoning, and planning for your future custom garments.


    Notes for Club Members

    Membre-Athlètes (MA) of Roller Louisiane will notice that this garment nearly copies our club's official uniform(s). In comparison, our club's official garments are made using a 4-way stretch black velvet (flat), whereas this product is made with Lycra, making it preferable for training, especially in a questionably warm climate. 


    SKU : t3
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