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  • Matrix is the result of research and development carried out by Roll-Line in collaboration with the world's best athletes and coaches. Their feedback and data influenced and informed design and decision-making that ultimately innovated Roll-Line's approach to freestyle frames. Matrix Collection frame is a special Ergal aluminum alloy made with Titanium components and takes on a darker, more demure hue, for a decidedly distinct frame. Matrix's design configuration is intentionally set to low and responsively secured with steel for all trucks and axles. 


    The Matrix collection's characteristics required Roll-Line to create its own class of Matrix-exclusive redesigned elastomer cushions with a double-stage compression. Your Matrix will come assembled with Ambra SP toe stops and elastomer cushions in one of five colors based on the athlete's body weight; a complementary set of Matrix-exclusive elastomer cushions is included along with a Professional Wrenches Kit.


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