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  • Dance by Roll-Line® is the world's highest-performing dance frame for advanced athletes specializing in solo, team, quartet, show, groups, precision, as well as jam and rhythm. You can learn more about this frame and other components using our ProGuide on Danza.



    Materials: Ergal base with aluminum trucks and steel axles

    Standard Cushions: 1 of 4 colors in elastomer per frame size

    Replacement Cushions: 1 of 5 colors in elastomer per athlete's weight reference

    Standard Toe Stops: Ambra inclined interiorly at 4º

    Kingpins: 13 MM with 18º angle

    Wheelbase: Differentiated L/R by 5 MM

    Axels: 7 MM; Recommended bearings: Speed Max (not included)

    Tools: Included

    Manufacturer's Info: View



    Like all frames, Dance comes assembled with its standard toe stop (Ambra) and standard cushions, in one of four cushion colors (hardnesses) based on the frame size chosen at checkout. However, at the time of purchase and whenever you need to replace your worn cushions, you should know that Dance's replacement cushions (elastomers) come in one of five colors (hardnesses). Should you need a different hardness for any reason, you can purchase Dance's elastomer cushions separately at any time. Dance's class of cushions is compatible with other frames by Roll-Line—Mistral and Energy (discontinued).



    All toe stops sold in our ProShop use metric threading and are compatible across all Roll-Line frames but some toe stops, such as Baby and Mini, are designed especially for American and International Dance. Should you need this frame used in a Solution, check out Cricket and Andy:





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